Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Plan to retire the US' national debt and rebuild its economy & infrastructure.

Essentially the US is in a foreclosure via its national debt.  Total land value in the US is ~$20 trillion (not including improvements) and the national debt is about the same.

So, rather than doing a bond-swap for the entire landmass of the United States, perhaps we should take control over the bond market.

There are inflationary concerns when bond-owners sell bonds for USD and spend it.

Therefore, I invented a "Federal Credit Receipt" which is a new monetary instrument to structure the value transfers.

As a "pilot program", and to work through the details while legislation is written, I am suggesting this:

Social Security Administration (SSA) turns in a few of the bonds in their portfolio for a Federal Credit Receipt (FCR).  We create a Texas Stock Market in San Antonio and redeem the FCR for ownership in that income-producing asset.  SSA then owns at least part of the Texas Stock Market and the debt is retired.

Please pass this around.  I think Goldman Sachs is the appropriate company for this plan.  I need some assistance in Austin, quickly.

Andrew B. Brown
10723 River Plantation Drive
Austin, Texas 78747

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