Tuesday, June 16, 2015

$15 hour minimum wage

As low-wage workers' income rises, so will their spending.  This is going to affect the CPI.
The end-game of the USD is quickly upon us.  The USA needs to do something drastic to restore trust in the system or the USD will hyperinflate.  Right now, they have many existing long-term contracts denominated in USD, and that is preventing inflation, but it won’t last forever.
My suggestion has been, and will continue to be:  a standard language to describe transactions between institutions: Promise Language.  Once those long-term contracts adjust to a rising CPI, the potential of the USD remaining the “denominating currency” of the world diminishes.

The ONLY way out of this is to "de-clip the coinage". What I mean by that, is to maintain the value while providing capital improvements to grow the real economy to handle the excess money supply. Then you can raise taxes and pay back the debt. Simultaneously, the Fed will also have to change their accounting rules to back the currency with something tangible (not purchasable assets). I have the full plan. Will they do it?

The hyper-inflation has begun!