Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why is a public banking protocol and standard necessary?

If you have access to a bank's database, you can change the amount to $1 billion and spend it.

Since the bank is a database, data security is also needed:  System.Persistence

Friday, August 21, 2015

Venezuela could have saved the Bolivar...

If they had recognized that the fraud was in the digital currency and not necessarily the paper currency, Venezuela could have reneged on its digital obligations, thereby increasing the value of the paper AS WELL as its future oil extractions and contracts.  The population would have retained purchasing power and strict controls over the digital would have been politically accepted with no civil unrest.

This will likely anger a very few who have "assets" denominated in digital Bolivars and paper hoarding might have become an issue (depending), however, this might be food for thought, if and when another currency undergoes attack.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to become an instant trillionaire!

1. Work for any bank (or hack into the database).
2. Change the amount in your account to $1 trillion.
3. Buy off anyone who asks questions.

Everyone has a buy-off point, and people can be threatened:   "Here's $50 million.  Keep quiet.  If you say a word, I'll have Bruno kill you and your family."

Due to the above scenario, I highly suggest a public standard.

Texas gold bullion...

Would it be possible to create a gold-backed DIGITAL currency where the State of Texas would only own the DIGITAL, but the digital coins would be directly exchangeable for physical gold?

No storage costs or fees.
No possibility of theft.
Full audit trail.
Distributed vault.

Gold WITHIN Texas (at local shops) would have to maintain at least the total amount of digital coinage.  That could be done through legislation, or perhaps market forces?

Possibly 10% of the billion could be purchased in physical gold with a public vault on the UT Austin campus. Stealing $100 million in gold from the center of UT with overhead planes and security cameras and 50,000 students is kind of difficult.  $20,000 each?  Not enough to buy them off.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Banks are databases & money is an entry in a ledger

Everyone has a buy-off point.

So, there is no more mystery about the concept of money or what it is:  it is simply accounting fraud today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I bought the HIGH tick of the morning on the SET 50

The daily is in an overall downtrend, and I shorted 926.30 shortly after the morning open.  Price moved in my direction about 2 points, then buying started about 925.00.  I am new to the SET 50 and while I almost covered at 925 due to seeing the strong buying at 925, the volume was insufficient.

My stop was at 927.50, which was a couple ticks higher than the previous swing high (5 minute chart).

I think all of about 5 contracts traded at 927.50.  One of them was mine.