Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to defend against monetary warfare

The defense plan is to turn the US national debt into a spendable asset, using the "Federal Credit Receipt" (FCR) as the legal and monetary instrument to prevent financial predators from destroying the currency.

This will provide $19 trillion for the economy and infrastructure of the United States.

The same concept applies to any debt instrument, so I am suggesting a solid understanding be conveyed worldwide, so the world can gracefully transition from debt-based currencies without destroying the world's economies.  See Venezuela as the recent example.

In the US, three parts to the legislation:
1. The US Congress creates legislation for a new department within the US Treasury and define the "Federal Credit Receipt".
2. Texas creates legislation for a "Credit Review Commission" as part of the Texas Treasury to determine monetary disbursements locally.
3. A Constitutional Amendment to separate money creation from the Federal government.

Please contact me with questions, as the plan is ready to start today.

Andrew B. Brown
10723 River Plantation Drive
Austin, Texas  78747

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