Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Promise Language basics

This is an EDI format/specification/standard/protocol for monetary transactions.  It is free.

Some terminology:
Wealth Storage - a vault or a bank.
Wealth Translation - currency exchange is an example.
Promise Assurance - credit card issuer or an underwriter are examples.
Promise Reporting - credit report agencies are examples.

Only living beings can make promises.

Officers of corporations make promises on behalf of the corporation they work for.  Officers take responsibility for delivery on their promises.

Simple format:

    1 pallet of 100 bills USD
    1 million Euros

Further details can easily be placed into that format.  Who.  When.  Time stamps.  Etc.

Legal can see that it conforms to what they term a legal contract.
Finance can assign risk and time to delivery.
IT can accurately represent it in a computer.

It fixes the world's economy.
It fixes the world's financial system.

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